Molecular Disinfection cabin

The new coronavirus is not terrible. Molecular disinfection cabin is used to disinfect the whole body of people in and out of the community

Novel coronavirus is inevitable from crowded subway cars, buses, aircraft compartments, train carriages, through urban jungle, clothes and hair. We do not want to bring the virus home, bring it to the community and bring it into factories and offices. Please pass through this special disinfection cabin and kill the new coronavirus thoroughly.

Function: solve the problem of killing new coronavirus that may be carried on the clothes and hair of personnel,
Product principle of Molecular disinfection Cabin: the disinfectant is sent to the disinfection cabin after ultrasonic atomization. When personnel pass through the disinfection cabin, they can kill the virus that may be carried outside the personnel’s clothes.

Specific parameters of Molecular disinfection Cabin:
1. Chlorine containing disinfectant (purchased locally), 20-24 liters in 8 hours (under continuous operation).
2. Power supply 220V.
3. The disinfection time is more than 10 seconds.
4. No need to add water, easy to install.
5. 4-6 people can enter at a time.
6. It mainly disinfects the body surface.
7. Size: length 4000 * width 1200 * height 2000 (the size can be customized)
8. Atomization technology is used in Moore disinfection cabin, without water accumulation.
9. Delivery period of Moore disinfection Cabin: delivery within 3-4 days (SF).