Lab Water Purifier for Biochemistry Analyzer

Technical Specification 

Power supply220V/50HZ
Temperature5-40 ℃
Feed waterTap water


Water temperature: 5-40℃

Water production rate≥10L/h

taking rate: 1-1.5L/min

Water qualityType Ⅱ pure water:

resistivity ≥5MΩ.cm@25℃,

Meet China GB6682-2008 typeⅡwater standard and ASTM CAP NCCLS standard,meet feed water quality request of biochemical analyzer

Retention rate of silicon> 99.9%
Absorbance(254nm,1cm optical distance)< 0.01
Reactive Silica(SiO2)< 0.01ppm
Heavy metal< 0.1ppm



  • Clinic laboratory in hospital
  • Blood station
  • Research lab
  • Directly connect to biochemical analyzer or other biochemical test



  • MOLIC Micro-computer control , with Patent of Control System;
  • Built-in RO membrane timing automatic flush procedures , manual RO membrane cleaning button;
  • Built-in manual water cycling program, ultrapure water auto-cycle program to keep the water quality of ultrapure water;
  • Water resistance on-line monitoring, realizing man-machine conversation;
  • High capacity Molecular Ultra Purification Cartridge, with Patent of Purification Cartridge.
  • With Moldistributor system and Patent of Transport System
  • With 30L sterile pure water tank, which can ensure the quality of pure water.