Water Softener

Working principle

Water softener adopts ion exchange resins technology to remove calcium, magnesium, and certain other metal cations in hard water. And the ion exchange resin reduce the hardness by replacing magnesium and calcium(Mg2+ and Ca2+) with sodium or potassium(Na+ and K+).


Technical Specification

Outlet hardness<0.03mmol/L
Working pressure0.2-0.6MPA
Control methodManual ,Automatic,PLC
Regeneration wayTime or Flow
Working electricity220V/50Hz
Softener tankFRP or SS304
Regeneration devicebrine tank



  • Supply soft water for industrial and domestic use, such as boiler feed water, make soft water for heating air conditioner
  • Preparation system before reverse osmosis system


  1. Main technology: Ion exchange resin technology
  2. Output water hardness can be less than 0.03mmol/L
  3. Support top water, well water, river water softening
  4. Auto muti-way control valve for system softening and resin regeneration
  5. Soft water capacity from 1T/H to 200T/H( It can be customized)

System introduction