Electronic grade ultra pure water system

Electronic grade ultra pure water

  1. Basic Specifications
Product NameUltra pure water system
Capacity250L/H-50,000L/H or higher
TechnologyPre-treatment,double RO,EDI
Water sourceWell,lake,borehole,tap etc.
ControlAutomatic multiple-way valve & PLC
EDI deviceChinese Micronix or Siemens ionpure
RO MembraneChinese vontron or USA DOW
Outlet water quality10-15 MΩ
Working Pressure0.3-0.4MPa
Ions removal rateMore than 99%
Voltage110V/220V/380V ,50/60HZ ,single/three phase
PackingStandard and safe export package


  1. System technology flow


1.Pretreatment Part
1.1Raw water tankPE or SS304
1.2Raw water pumpGrundfos or CNP
1.3Multiple media filterRemove  turbidity, SS matter, organic matter, colloid, etc.
1.4Active carbon filterRemove color, free chloride, organic matter,

harmful matter, etc.

1.5SoftenerSoft water and reduce it’s hardness.
2.RO Unit
2.1Precision filterPP filter with SS304 case
2.21st high pressure pumpGrundfos or CNP brand
2.31st  stage RORemoves: lead, cooper, barium, chromium, mercury,

sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrite, nitrate, and selenium.

Ions removal rate can be more than 98%

2.42nd high pressure pumpGrundfos or CNP brand
2.52nd stage ROIons removal rate can be more than 80%
3.EDI Device
3.1EDI deviceTo get ultra pure water ,10-15MΩ
4.Water Distribution
4.1Ultra pure water tankMaterial can be SS304 or PE
4.2Booster pumpDelivery water to water using points
5.Electrical Control
5.1PLC with touch screenSiemens brand
5.2Other electrical componentsGood Chinese brand


  1. Features of product
  • Automatic control with PLC
  • Easy to move and operation
  • Reliable and safe
  • Qualified design and outlet water quality
  • Error alarm
  1. Advantages of product
  • No chemical regeneration agent is needed, and there is no pollution in the production process, which is a clean production;
  • No need to stop regeneration and continuously produce high-purity water with stable water quality (15 ~ 18MΩ • cm);
  • Stable and reliable operation, simple maintenance and low operating costs;
  • The area is small, and the construction cost of the site is saved.
  1. Applications of product
  • Battery water
  • Wafer, chip, precision instrument
  • electroplating
  • large scale integrated circuit
  • reagent dilution

EDI equipment has a wide range of applications in industries that require high water quality. EDI is commonly used in the electronics industry, scientific research laboratories, and inspection and analysis industries to produce ultra-pure water above 18 MΩ • cm, and EDI is commonly used in the fine chemical, power generation, and electroplating industries to produce high-purity water above 15 MΩ • cm.

  1. Precautions of product

Pay attention to regularly check the water quality when using, because usually ultra-pure water equipment will use polyamide film, this type of film is not resistant to chlorine during use, especially under the action of metal ions, it is easy to cause damage, tap water Usually contains metal ions, once the activated carbon fails, it is very easy to damage the membrane element. Therefore, a set of residual chlorine colorimeter should be provided. The content of residual chlorine and organic matter in the tap water varies. It is not enough to calculate and estimate only The failure should be subject to testing, so as to avoid waste of premature replacement and membrane damage caused by late replacement.

During the application of ultrapure water equipment, the filter element of the ultra-pure water equipment precision filter should be regularly inspected and replaced in time to prevent the performance of the filter element from causing contamination of the reverse osmosis membrane particles. Generally, the filter element should be replaced when the differential pressure at the inlet of the precision filter is greater than 0.15mpa. Generally check once a month and replace the filter element every 2 to 3 months. During operation, it is also necessary to frequently check whether there is gas in the precision filter, and air cannot be brought into the reverse osmosis membrane. For spare or long-term outage precision filters, formaldehyde protection methods should be adopted to prevent bacteria from multiplying.

  1. Product maintenance
  • For 15-30 days after the ultrapure water equipment is used, the sand filter and the carbon filter should be washed forward and back to flush out the impurities on the surface of the sand layer and the carbon layer to improve the filtering effect.
  • The precision filter is an important part in front of the reverse osmosis membrane. Usually we will install a pressure gauge on the front and back of the precision filter. When the pressure difference is between 0.7-1, it means that the filter element is contaminated, and the pp filter element should be replaced in time.
  • As a very important part of the entire system, reverse osmosis membrane needs more careful maintenance. When designing a reverse osmosis system, it should have an automatic flushing function. When flushing, the pressure should not be higher than 3 kg, and the flow rate is faster. To flush away dirt on the diaphragm surface.
  • The reverse osmosis host should be maintained regularly.
  • Exclude the air in the filter before the precision filtering is started.
  • Check and adjust the necessary parts, mobilize the movement of the entire moving parts, and often check or replace the wearing parts.
  • The pressure valve can be adjusted only after the precision filtering is started, and the pressure instrument should be checked in time. When abnormality is found, the machine should be shut down in time.
  • When stopping use, flush the residual liquid in the pipeline with clean water in time, otherwise the quality of the next shift will be affected after the residual liquid deteriorates. If necessary, the infusion plastic tube should be brushed with a hair brush and the machine should be cleaned in time Keep it dry and tidy.
  • Cleaning and inspection. Adjust the relevant parts of the appliance, check whether the appliance is in good contact, and whether the wiring is firm and reliable.
  • Clean in a timely manner, wipe the dead corners on the inside and outside surfaces of the equipment, remove surface dirt, and regularly backwash the filter element of pure water equipment.