Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Filtration System

  1. Basic Specifications
Product NameIndustry RO water filtration system
Capacity250L/H-50,000L/H or higher
TechnologyOptional 1 : Pre-treatment,single reverse osmosis
Optional 2 :Pre-treatment,double reverse osmosis
Optional 3 :Pre-treatment,double reverse osmosis,EDI
Optional 4 :Pre-treatment,double reverse osmosis,EDI,mix-bed
Optional 5 :Pre-treatment,UF filters
Optional 6 : UF filters ,reverse osmosis unit ,UV lamp
Water sourceWell,lake,borehole,tap etc.
ControlAutomatic multiple-way valve & PLC
RO MembraneChinese vontron or USA DOW
Working Pressure0.3-0.4MPa
Ions removal rate1st RO :98% ,2nd RO:80% ,

after EDI :resistance can be more than 10MΩ

Voltage110V/220V/380V ,50/60HZ ,single/three phase
PackingStandard and safe export package


  1. Basic System technology flow

Single RO stage as sample

1.Pretreatment Part
1.1Raw water tankPE or SS304 ( Client can offer)
1.2Raw water pumpGrundfos or CNP ( Client can offer)
1.3Multiple media filterRemove  turbidity, SS matter, organic matter, colloid, etc.
1.4Active carbon filterRemove color, free chloride, organic matter,

harmful matter, etc.

1.5SoftenerSoft water and reduce it’s hardness.
2.RO Unit
2.1Precision filterPP filter with SS304 case
2.2High pressure pumpGrundfos or CNP brand
2.3Reverse osmosisRemoves: lead, cooper, barium, chromium, mercury,

sodium, cadmium, fluoride, nitrite, nitrate, and selenium.

Ions removal rate can be more than 98%

3.Water Distribution
3.1Pure water tankMaterial can be SS304 or PE (Client can offer)
3.2Booster pumpDelivery water to water using points(Client can offer)
4.Electrical Control
4.1Optional 1 :

PLC with touch screen

Siemens brand
 Optional 2:

Manual buttons

Manual switches
4.2Other electrical componentsGood Chinese brand


  1. Features of product
  • Purchasing reverse osmosis membrane imported from the United States to ensure quality
  • Scientific design strictly according to the user’s incoming water quality, equipped with the best pretreatment system and the best membrane filtration system;
  • system design results are all tested and verified,
  • The electrical control system of the entire system is well-designed to ensure that the system can achieve manual or unmanned automatic operation;
  • During processing, each component is strictly implemented in accordance with national standards.
  1. Advantages of product
  • High efficiency: The overall design of the water softener is reasonable, so that the effective working exchange capacity of the resin can be brought into full play.
  • Provincial labor: high degree of automation, no need to set up a special person on duty.
  • Water saving: The water production rate of the water softener is over 98%.
  • Power saving: The principle of siphon regeneration is adopted, no salt pump is needed, and the power consumption is only 1% of manual soft water equipment.
  • Small footprint: Only the footprint of the resin tank and salt tank is needed to save the space occupied by pipelines and salt pumps.
  • Easy to adjust: Users can adjust the regeneration cycle and regeneration time according to actual needs.
  • Low operating cost: Due to the high degree of automation, the water softener can adapt to changes in water volume, accurately measure the amount of water produced and the amount of regenerant, avoid innocent waste of regenerant during regeneration, and save a lot of labor costs.
  1. Applications of product
  • Chemical industry: process pure water, chemical circulating water, chemical product manufacturing water, etc.
  • Electronic industry: pure water for washing electronic components such as integrated circuits, silicon wafers and display tubes
  • Pharmaceutical industry: water for pharmaceuticals, infusions, injections, tablets and biochemicals, water for equipment cleaning
  • Power industry: boiler make-up water, thermal power boilers, power systems for low and medium boilers in factories and mines, etc.
  • Food industry: drinking pure water, beverages, beer, liquor and health products
  • Car industry
  1. Precautions of product
  • When using a reverse osmosis treatment system, special attention should be paid to the pretreatment of raw water. In order to avoid blocking the reverse osmosis system, the raw water should be pretreated to eliminate edema suspended matter and reduce water turbidity.
  • The pollution index of water entering the reverse osmosis system is preferably not greater than 5, and the recommended value is generally less than 3.
  • Pretreatment should also consider the pH value of the inlet water, and the pH value of the inlet water should be adjusted according to the requirements of the reverse osmosis membrane.
  • The temperature of the incoming water should be considered during pretreatment. The water permeability of the membrane increases with the increase of the water temperature, but too high temperature will accelerate the hydrolysis rate of the cellulose acetate membrane and make the organic membrane soft.
  1. Product maintenance
  • Neat and clean water purification equipment, the sliding surface, screw, rack, gear box, no oil holes, etc., all parts are not leaking, do not surround the device chip, debris, dust leaking to clean.
  • Place tools, accessories, artifacts (products) in order, and organize pipes and pipelines.
  • Comply with safe operating procedures, do not overload equipment, water purification equipment is complete and reliable safety device, and remove unsafe.
  • The daily maintenance of customer water purification equipment to avoid unnecessary failures, ensure the equipment to work normally, and extend the service life of the equipment under the premise. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the equipment is necessary to ensure a qualified water quality output.